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A Brighter and More Responsible Future Find out how your business can benefit from LED lighting savings, while being environmentally responsible. Learn More

LED Lighting Efficiency

80% more efficient than tradition lighting

Low Energy Consumption

LED's can save up to 50% in consumption

Linear Fluorescent Lighting

T12 Lamps Will Be Phased Out Entirely

Our Responsibility

As a registered contractor for ERA (Emissions Reduction Alberta), Illuma Energy Control is committed to energy efficiency. In efforts to reducing environmental impact, a smarter use on energy supplies will also make a positive financial impact that can be realized in a short amount of time.

Simply put – reduce your carbon footprint while at the same time decreasing operating costs. Ask us about our comprehensive Energy Audits and let us help you save.

Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA) rebate incentives on eligible LED lighting retrofits

Hours LED Light Lifespan
Tons of Reduction in CO2